A Guide to Flowers

Flowers from Dunfermline Flower Delivery are picked by the expert Dunfermline florists and imported from Holland. The florists Dunfermline have prepared a guide to your flowers to ensure you can enjoy your Dunfermline flower delivery for longer. Most floral arrangements last between 4-7 days, however with the highest quality flowers used by Dunfermline florists, your stunning flower bouquet can last for up to 3 weeks. Let’s take a look at some flower care tips from the expert Dunfermline florist that will help you make your gorgeous Dunfermline flowers stay fresh and vibrant, and allow you to enjoy your Dunfermline flower delivery bouquet for as long as possible.


1. You must ensure that if you wish to place your Dunfermline flower delivery in your own vase after unwrapping it, that you remove all excess foliage. If foliage lies in the water it can increase the bacteria levels in the water and as a result have an effect on the flowers drinking the water.

Trimming your Dunfermline flower delivery

2. It is advised by our Dunfermline florists that you trim your flowers upon receiving them. By trimming your Dunfermline flowers you will allow the stems of the flowers to able to drink as much water as possible. If the stem of the flower is dry, your flowers will find it hard to access the water. This is why you must regularly cut the stems to ensure your flowers remain continuously hydrated and therefore as fresh as they possibly can. Our expert Dunfermline florists advise their customers to cut off around 2 cm from the end of the stem and to remove any excess foliage. By cutting the stem at an angle, it gives the stem a larger surface space to drink the water. It is highly recommended that you do your best to ensure the stems of your flowers are not damaged. If your stems are smashed or do become damaged, it has a substantial effect on their ability to absorb water.

How to arrange your flowers

3. Often our florists Dunfermline will deliver your flowers already in a vase or arranged in a basket. You will not have to worry because flowers Dunfermline will have already expertly arranged your flowers. However, if your bouquet does not come in a vase or basket, it is time to display them in an attractive vase of your own. Be certain that the container you are using for your Dunfermline flower delivery is clean, and then fill it with fresh lukewarm water. If the water provided is too hot or too cold, the will have an impact of the flowers ability to uptake the water. You will be provided with a sachet of flower food from the Dunfermline florists that you should add to the water before inserting the flowers. Please make sure that the water level is below the foliage of the stems.

Best place to display your Dunfermline flowers

4. If you wish your Dunfermline flower delivery to last as long as possible, you are best to keep your flowers in a room with a temperature between 18-22 degrees.  Often flowers kept above or below these temperatures can become damaged. If the temperature is too hot the flowers can wilt. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight or away from any radiators as this will certainly have a damaging effect by dehydrating your flowers.

Dunfermline florists strongly advise you to keep your stunning floral bouquet from Dunfermline flowers away from all ripening fruits. Ethylene gas is emitted from ripening fruits that can often cause the flowers to prematurely age.

For any other advice on flower caring tips, you can call our expert florists Dunfermline. They have the expertise and experience in their work, and will be able to provide you with good knowledge about how to take care of the flowers after flower delivery Dunfermline is done. They will help you resolve your queries and offer help with whatever you might need.